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    Maple Shade Trees

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    Product Description

    Maple Trees




    Maple trees – Sugar Maple, red maple and red sunset maples all have one thing in common, “beauty.” Maple trees are known for their sheer beauty. Maple trees bring a great deal of color with their bright red foliage. They are famous and known for their deep red hues.


    The red maple, also known as the swamp maple can often times throw a homeowner off by its name because they aren’t as vibrant as other specimens but they still can pack a big punch! The red sunset maple can grow up to fifty feet high and have a large canopy spread of up to 30 feet. They grow well in zones 3 through 9 and prefer full sun to partial shade with soil that has good drainage. The color of all maple trees vary on many different factors, heat, drought, rain and planting location. Fall foliage is dependent on sunny days and cooler nights at the beginning of the fall season.


    Sugar maple trees, can be grown in zones 3 to 9 and can grow in any area of the yard that is well drained and can gain partial shade but prefers partial sun. The sugar maple tree is known for its maple syrup and can grow up to 80 feet or more with a canopy spread of up to 40 feet or more. The foliage of this tree can vary from yellow, orange or red.


    The maple tree leaf is so popular that it is on the center of the Canada flag. The maple tree is known for being versatile and one of the best loved trees, mainly for its color. Maple trees are preferred when making furniture because they are tough and hardy wood. The most popular thing that maple trees are known for is the ability to produce syrup. Every spring hundreds of thousands of people flock to Canada, New England and many other places so that they can watch the tapping of the maple trees.


    There are many different types of maples to choose from depending on the soil conditions, sun preference and climate for your area. With proper care and thought on placing it, you will have a strong, sturdy tree for many years to come.


    When it comes to planting maple trees, there are several things to consider. For example, making sure the soil is good, if you do not have good soil, add fertilizer, compost or topsoil to the area for the right nutrients. Making sure you have the proper soil will allow your maple tree to ward off diseases, have the right amount of nutrients to grow properly and to be able to withstand stresses from urban environments.


    Maple trees can live a long and healthy life in the right conditions, pruning your tree yearly will promote new growth for your tree and allow it to grow mature and fully to its best ability. There are a variety of maple trees to choose from red maple, sunset maple and autumn blaze maple to name a few. All of which can help make your home a gorgeous place! 


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