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    Perennial Bulbs



    •  Hepatica Plant
      $4.98 Choose Options Hepatica Plant
      Round Lobed Hepatica(Hepatica Acutiloba) can often be found in North America, Europe and Asia. The Round Lobed Hepatica can be grown almost anywhere that the seeds fall. This perennial can be grown both from seeds and a...
    • Ajuga Vine Plant
      $4.98 Choose Options Ajuga Vine Plant
      Ajuga vine is a slow grower because it only grows a few inches every year. The Ajuga vines has one of the longest flowering times among other vines. The blooms on the Ajuga can bloom from April to the end of summer. The...
    • Asarum European For Sale Online at Tree Nursery Co
      $6.99 Choose Options Asarum European Ginger Plant
      Asarum European is also known as the evergreen ginger. This vine loves acidic soil when other plants do not. It grows the best in zones 4 to 9 and is a small grower because it only grows to 6 inches with a 4 inch spread. The...
    • Asclepias Tuberosa Milkweed
      $4.98 Choose Options Asclepias Tuberosa Milkweed
      Asclepias Tuberosa Milkweed Named after the Greek god of medicine, Asclepias, common milkweed (Asclepias syriaca) is the most well-known species of a little over 100 native plants found in North America. When not in bloom,...
    • Bamboo For Sale
      $4.98 Choose Options Bamboo Plants
      Bamboo – Arundinaria Gigantea   Bamboo is a wonderful plant when grown and is also called River Cane. It is a very strong and thick-growing plant and will be very dense when fully grown in areas.  It will...
    • Baneberry Plant
      $4.98 Choose Options Baneberry Plant
      The Baneberry White is a very popular perennial that is planted both to bring color to the yard as well as to attract wildlife.  The blooms come out in a white color in spring and summer and then turn into a berry that...
    • Bee Balm For Sale Online at Tree Nursery Co
      $4.98 Choose Options Bee Balm Plant
      Bee Balm is a great flower to plant in a garden as it produces beautiful purple/lavender blooms.  It got its name because it attracts lots of bees as the like the sweet nectar that the flowers produce.  The Bee...
    • Bishop Weed For Sale Online at Tree Nursery Co
      $4.98 Choose Options Bishop Weed Plant
      The Bishops Weed has large clusters or some may refer them to “clumps” up flowers which are a pale green at first and then they turn into a vibrant orange. The leaves are green and gray. The branches will grow...
    • Black Cohosh For Sale Online at Tree Nursery Co
      $4.98 Choose Options Black Cohosh Plant
      The Black Cohosh also known by its botanical name Actaea Racemosa and grows well in zones 4 to 9. The black cohosh is a relative to the daffodil family. It has a small white bloom which resembles the look of a feather. The...
    • Black Eyed Susan For Sale Online at Tree Nursery Co
      $4.98 Choose Options Black Eyed Susan Plant
      The Black Eyed Susan is a beautiful coneflower with a brown to black center and lovely yellow to orange petals that surround the center cone.  The petals grow in a downward slope and this makes the center cone much more...
    • Blackberry Lily For Sale Online at Tree Nursery Co
      $4.98 Choose Options Blackberry Lily Plant
      The Blackberry Lily is an absolutely gorgeous flower with its vibrant blooms that will last from April to August.  The leaves are long, dark and slender and resemble a sword.  It can grow up to 2 to 3 feet and...
    • Blue Cohosh For Sale Online at Tree Nursery Co
      $4.98 Choose Options Blue Cohosh Plant
      Blue Cohosh has beautiful bright blue blooms that are seen in late spring/early summer.  It has many small leaves and each leaf can grow about 3 inches tall and 2 inches wide.  Mature height can be between 1 to 2...
    • Blue Lobelia Plant
      $4.98 Choose Options Blue Lobelia Plant
      Blue Lobelia has lovely bright blue blooms that present themselves in the late summer.  The leaves on the Blue Lobelia are quite smooth and a delightful fragrance to them.  The plant is often planted in water...
    • Blue Phlox Plant
      $4.98 Choose Options Blue Phlox Plant
      The Blue Phlox can be known as a vine or a groundcover because of the way it grows…very fast! The blue phlox gets its name honestly because of its deep green leaves with small blue flowers. The green foliage will stay...
    • Blue Violet For Sale Online at Tree Nursery Co
      $4.98 Choose Options Blue Violet Plant
      Blue Violet is a perennial plant that provides beautiful blooms from March to June.  These plants grow well in a flower garden or natural area and will give beautiful color no matter where they are planted.  They...
    • Blue Wisteria Vine
      $4.98 Choose Options Blue Wisteria Vine
      The Blue Wisteria vine makes a great addition to a fence, trellis or arbor. It is easily trained and requires little maintenance. It grows in zones 4 to 9 and can reach lengths of up to 25 feet. During the spring months of...

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